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  • IZ*ONE - Wonyoung

  • red velvet - joy

  • bts - jungkook e namjoon

  • exo - kai

  • loona - TBD

  • everglow - siyeon e mia

  • gwsn - lena

  • fanatics - doah

  • stray kids - felix

  • nct -tbd

Ult Bias: Rosé

Ult Bias: Yeji

TWICE Bias: Nayeon

If you are...
anti-lgbtq+anti-feminismcis-het man over 25conservativeanti-blmanti-abortion rightsno slurs towards ANY race are tolerated.

i tweet about politicsi talk about dietingi have meltdownsi'm a girl group stani have a crush on chris cuomo...i'm american :/i swear? not really on twitter thoi call my people - luv, bestie, bro, dude, and guys. if you have a problem with any of these tell me

i am doing my very best to call people by they/them pronouns. i haven't used other neo pronouns before, but if you have any i will try to use them correctly.

  • you can call me pasta ^^

  • 20/06/17

  • korean-learner

  • she/her

  • bisexual

  • heteroromantic

  • infp-t

  • gemini

  • i have ptsd , adhd , and odd - so i do stupid shit alot

  • possible tree-hugger

  • writer

  • vanilla-romantic

  • biracial, however i recently found that im mostly caucasian

  • italian-speaker?

  • dancer

  • sensitive

  • emotional-wreck

  • trypophobic